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**Quick Setup Hazmat Shower

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PVC Decontamination Shower & Tent
Lightweight, compactable. Shower system inserted in the frame of the tent allowing for quick easy setup.

System Description
• Designed using high quality rated schedule 80 PVC pipe

• Certified fittings designed to withstand 125PSI
• 12 spray nozzles to ensure 100% coverage
• Mold and mildew resistant
• Shower inserted directly in tent frame
• Hand-held hose for better cleaning
• Dimension 4’9” x 4’9” x 7’5”– Frame breaks to fit in vinyl bag 6” x 10” x 74”
• weights 36lbs, Tent fabric stores in 18” X 10” x 18” weighing 18lbs
• Shower system can be used independently of the tent
• Frame is marked for quick easy assemble
• Replacement parts available
• Shower can be used from a fire hydrant with use of MITI Flow Reducer or from a garden hose
• Design can be used independently or with Mitico accessories such as containment berm, flow reducer, soap injector or any other MITI decontamination product

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