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High Pressure Decontamination Soap / Fluid Injector

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Designed for injecting fluid soaps or decontamination agents in a regulated manner on demand. Applications include personal use, equipment cleaning, as well as barrel and building wash-downs. Ideally suited for use with the MITI Portable Decon Wash Systems, it will also work with equipment from other manufacturers.

The MITI Manufacturing injector is manually operated and injects fluid soaps or decontamination agents in a controlled and regulated manner only when needed. The injector overcomes supply line pressures to 1250 psi, thus allowing it to be placed at a distance from the decontamination area ( in the cool zone) for maximum safety and control. Users maintain superior control over costly siphon systems. It provides multiple use capability for diverse applications, including as a personal apparatus, on hand industrial equipment, barrel and building wash-downs, and more. Ideally suited for use with the MITI Portable Decon Wash Systems, the unit also works with other manufacturers’ equipment.

    • Manually operated, high pressure foot pump with serrated foot treadle

    • 2.5 gallon reservoir with quick-remove, gasketed lid

    • Large fluid reservoir lid for quick and easy filling as well as level checking

    • Cushioned feet for stability and prevention of liner punctures

    • Dripless quick connectors prevent leaks when stored

    • High pressure 3⁄8” fluid soap or decontamination agent supply line

    • In-line brass “T” connector with male/female 3⁄4” garden hose connectors

  • Powder coated for superior corrosion resistance, bright orange for visibility

Additional information

  • Weight 30 lb
  • Width 12 in
  • Length 12 in
  • Height 12 in

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