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MITI Manufacturing Moving to St. Johnsbury

May 5, 2019

For immediate press release

Mitico/Caledonian Record

New Manufacturing Business Moving To St. Johnsbury

MITI Manufacturing Starting Up At Fairbanks Scales

ST. JOHNSBURY — A Canadian-owned Company is relocating its Colorado-based manufacturing line to St. Johnsbury.

MITI Manufacturing, now owned by Universal Boot based in Quebec, is in the process of moving its Colorado business to a suite within the Fairbanks Scales company on Portland Street.

The company produces wheel impairment devices – think the Boston boot – and a portable decontamination station, and those are the product lines being moved to Vermont, according to company officials reached Friday.

Company owner Jean-Patrick “JP” Lariviere said the business began renting at the Fairbanks Scales building several weeks ago, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony is being planned with the governor’s office, but is not yet scheduled.

“We moved there just recently, a couple of weeks ago,” said Lariviere. “It’s going extremely well; we’re very happy with how we have been received. Fairbanks have been good allies for us, and we are looking to build a partnership with them.”

He said, “We’re looking to get into more of a service business, we’ll keep making the same equipment that we’ve been making for 58 years in Colorado.”

Lariviere purchased MITI a couple of years ago, he said. “We will still have some administrative staff in Colorado, but we look to produce in Vermont,” he said, adding, “We hope to grow in Vermont, and have a servicing division and call center. We are going to get a lot bigger.”

He said it was difficult to predict how many jobs may result from the move, there are just a handful to start, but MITI’s relocation here will immediately benefit both Fairbanks, which
will produce the components it retails, and Performance Paint, a company located inside the Fairbanks building as well, as they will paint the parts made by Fairbanks workers, so both those companies will see immediate growth.

In Montreal, Universal Boot, which Lariviere owns, produces parking enforcement and cargo theft prevention products as well as defensive security products, said Lariviere. “We are a fully integrated security business,” he said.

Of moving MITI Manufacturing and its wheel impairment and portable decontamination products to Vermont, he said, “We are looking forward to it, we think we can bring a lot of value to Vermont.”

Steve Vorwerk, operations manager for MITI Manufacturing, said Friday, “We’ve moved the business from Colorado to Vermont, we are based out of Montreal, but it obviously makes it better for us logistically.”

“It makes it logistically more possible for the people in Canadian and in Vermont, in the future we are looking to grow jobs in Vermont, absolutely we are,” said Vorwerk. “We are certainly on the lookout for local talent as of now.” He said growth will start small, and as assembly grows, Vorwerk said, “The main reason we chose Fairbanks is because of what they can manufacture, St. Johnsbury is absolutely the place.”


“We really want to dig our feet into the soil and become a big part of the community,” said Vorwerk.

Tim Tierney, Director of International Trade and Business Recruitment for the Department of Economic Development for the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, on Friday said, “We are making plans to celebrate the arrival of MITI Corp.” “The owner JP Lariviere will now be closer to better oversee production,” of the products, said Tierney. “Governor Scott and Secretary (Agency of Commerce and Community
Development Michael) Schirling met with JP during a Vermont trade mission to Montreal in November and that meeting cemented the decision to move for JP.”


Jennifer Glass, a spokeswoman for MITI Manufacturing in Colorado, on Friday explained the lines that are moving to Vermont. “We produce wheel immobilizers,” said Glass, referencing the Denver boot, also known in New England as the Boston boot. “Another one of our products is decontamination
systems, portable decontamination shower systems, these are on-site apparatuses that can de-contaminate gear, firefighters, hazmat uniforms …  people can walk right under the shower while they’re wearing hazmat uniforms, and we’ll be producing them both in Vermont.”

The company choosing St. Johnsbury is a positive development, and David Snedeker, executive director for the Northeastern Vermont Development Association said in recent days, “MITI Mfg. is a metals manufacturing business that a Canadian developer purchased in CO and has relocated to VT. One of the company’s main products is ‘parking boots,’ used by law enforcement for unpaid tickets, etc. They have other product lines as well, but will begin at the Fairbanks facility with their core product. VT is a good option for Montreal-based companies trying to serve small manufacturers they control in the US.

For More information, Contact:
JP Lariviere, President

MITI Manufacturing Co, Universal Boot Inc.

1-866-545-6484 – 1-888-354-5699