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2017 Cargo Thefts: Overall drop but don’t rejoice yet

May 1, 2019

The Sensiguard (Formerly known as Freightwatch) Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC) has released their Cargo Theft Annual Report.


Thefts in the US have reduced for a 4th consecutive year, a 15% drop in volume overall. Sounds great, right ? It does, but there is plenty to worry about when you dig deeper into the data.

  • The United States remains ranked second gravest level on the SCIC risk scale, at “High” risk.
  • Delays in reporting can increase the totals for 2017 above the numbers in the report
  • There is a marked increase in Miscellaneous thefts (primarily LTL shipments)
  • Pilferage rates are record breaking. Pilfering is used as intelligence gathering before obtaining cargo. A 40% rise since 2016.
  • Four out of the top five states have seen an increase or steady theft numbers.


What does all this mean ? The reduction may be hiding a more sinister truth, that thieves may be becoming more sophisticated, not less.