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Rhino Immobilizers, continuously produced since 1958, are the boot of choice for the industry today.  Providing the most comprehensive line-up of series and models, they meet every requirement.  Rhino\92s popularity stems from their unique unitized one piece construction, with no parts to assemble or lose.  The lightweight welded steel construction provides long service life and reparability.  The Rhino vehicle immobilizer is the industry standard.

The Iron Ranger is a multi-language capable, PC-based automated fee collection terminal.  It accepts cash, credit cards, as well as other forms of payment; it can issue receipt permits, decals, and standard sized cards.  Each machine comes with a touch screen interface and custom programming specifically designed for the demanding needs of the Parks and Recreation industry.  There is no terminal made that is more suited to interface changes and restructuring in order to meet the unique requirements of every Park today and into the future.

MITI portable decon spray hoops are durable with light-weight construction for rugged use, designed for quick set-up on site.  Miti Manufacturing offers a complete line of the highest quality decontamination equipment including, the hoop, pool, pump, multi-manifold, and more.


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